Jurnal Strategi Promosi Melalui Internet

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Marketing Strategy And The Internet
marketing strategy and the internet
. this backdrop, this article focuses on the implications for marketing strategy of a competitive landscape that is evolving from a physical. are to • delineate the nature and scope of competitive marketing strategy in reference to competing in the physical and the electronic. of the evolving electronic marketplace and extant perspectives on competitive strategy. Second, building on extant literature, we present a conceptual framework.

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Internet Strategy Briefing Oracle Internet Marketing
internet strategy briefing oracle internet marketing
This document contains an overview of market trends, tips for best practice, new statistics and useful resources. The information within this briefing is collated from a range of sources including:  Econsultancy conferences, supplier showcases and roundtables  Third party events  Research carried out by Econsultancy and other organisations The purpose of Econsultancy‟s trend briefings (which are free to download) is to provide information relating to the latest trends, best practice, challenges and .

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Strategy And The Internet: The New Learning Sda Bocconi
strategy and the internet: the new learning sda bocconi
. competitors with free offers • Widen value chains to encompass non-Internet activities and the development of distinctive assets - E.g., many. addition to posting their offering on the Internet • However, do not copy established companies - Create strategies involving new, hybrid value chains - Alternatively, seek out trade-offs by concentrating on segments where Internet-only models offer.

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Strategies For Sound Internet Measurement
strategies for sound internet measurement
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Strategy And The Internet
strategy and the internet
ARTICLES What Is Strategy? by MichaelPorter Harvard Business Review November-December 1996 Product no. . the two components of sustainable competitive advantage discussed in “Strategy and the Internet”: operational effectiveness and strategic positioning. He emphasizes that it.); and— most relevant to his discussion of integration in “Strategy and the Internet”—3) improving “fit” among the company’s activities so. tightly interlocked system, competitors can’t easily imitate that system. Strategy as Simple Rules by KathleenEisenhardt and DonaldSull Harvard Business Review.

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