Jurnal Tentang Manajemen Bisnis Syariah

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Mohammed Sami.pdf Jurnal Riset Manajemen Sains Indonesia
mohammed sami.pdf jurnal riset manajemen sains indonesia
QUALITY OF INFORMATION AS STRATEGIC FACTOR IN ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM (AIS) TOWARDS BETTER ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE Mohammed Sami 1 College of Business (COB), Universiti Utara Malaysia Email: sami@uum.edu.my ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to examine the information quality and its effect on performance of Iraqi companies. Organizations were found aware on the need to have quality of information as to cope with environmental uncertainty. Most organizations agree on the importance of accounting .

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Strategi Penerjemahan Istilah Manajemen Bisnis Dari Bahasa Inggris
strategi penerjemahan istilah manajemen bisnis dari bahasa inggris
Abstract An integrated approach to improve results in Digital Libraries is presented. This approach is made of a combination of OPAC records with web references, having a thesaurus as a back end and Dublin Core. It is argued that it can be concluded that users benefit more from an integrated approach combined with a thesaurus in terms of ease of access to information and satisfaction with the information obtained than from: Internet search through a directory-only approach; and a OPAC only approach of .

Language: english
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Chuah Chin Wei.pdf Jurnal Riset Manajemen Sains Indonesia
chuah chin wei.pdf jurnal riset manajemen sains indonesia
This research uses Singhapakdi and Vitell’s (1993) marketing norms scale and professional value scale together with Yoo and Donthu’s (2002) three dimensional measures of culture operationalised at the individual level. The findings showed that Uncertainty Avoidance and Professional Values influenced academicians’ marketing ethics. It is therefore suggested that managers should look into methods and ways of cultivating professionalism among academicians in order for them to possess good marketing ethics. .

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Perceived Quality Internet Shopping Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen
perceived quality internet shopping jurnal ilmiah manajemen
ABSTRACT We survey a national sample of US online consumers about their perceptions regarding the quality of online shopping experiences. Our intent is to examine whether the frequency with which they purchase products online and the types of products they purchase affect their perceptions of internet retailer quality. In this study, the quality of online shopping is measured using a set of items that represent the four phases encountered when shopping via the Internet: (1) the retailer’s homepage, (2) .

Language: english
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Risk And Return: Capm And Ccapm Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen
risk and return: capm and ccapm jurnal ilmiah manajemen
2000. Taken from the Central Bank of China publications, the market composite stock price index is the monthly Taiwan capitalization-weighted stock index (TWSE) of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). The monthly dividend-price yields (in percent) equal to cash dividends divided by the stock price index are obtained from the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation publications. Due to the limited availability of data, we only study seven financial market sectors based on the TSE classification, which include cement .

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