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Hf320-En - Dm1101eul-2
hf320-en - dm1101eul-2
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Exhibit En-Mjc-2
exhibit en-mjc-2
Executive Summary This document presents Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee LLC and Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc.'s (together, Entergy VY) review of the Comprehensive Reliability Assessment (CRA) report provided by Nuclear Safety Associates (NSA) to the Vermont Public Service Board on December 22, 2008. Entergy VY's review of the CRA Report was managed and conducted by the Entergy Vermont Yankee CRA Report Response Team, as identified in AppendixRelative to the conduct of the associated large team .

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Rt2600-En Rev.2
rt2600-en rev.2
Language: english
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Sn3352 En 1.2
sn3352 en 1.2
Symbol ILX(leak) VADJO RLX ILXmean RADJI Parameter LX switch leakage current ADJO terminal voltage LX Switch ‘On’ resistance Continuous LX switch current Resistance between ADJI pin and VREF Brightness control range at low frequency PWM signal No temperature compensation ADJI pin floating IADJO=30μA 0.9 0.65 500 PWM frequency =100Hz PWM amplitude=5V,Vin=15V, L=27uH, Driving 1 LED PWM frequency =10kHz PWM amplitude=5V,Vin=15V, L=27uH, Driving 1 LED ADJI pin floating L=100μH (0.82Ω) IOUT=350mA @ VLED=3.4V .

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Bs En 480-2
bs en 480-2
. in ordinary room. Sound Power Level BS EN 1793-1:1998 BS EN 1793-3:1998 EN 20354 (IDT ISO 354:1985 which is replaced by ISO 354:2003) BS EN ISO 3382-2:2008

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