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As a collaborative effort, the three Program Committee Co-Chairs were actually nominated from each regional society, and the Program Committee consisted of 103 members in total. Though we were geographically apart from one another, we had kept in close communication electronically and contributed equally to the process of program formation. The Program Committee concentrated only on selecting regular papers for oral and poster presentations. To regular sessions, 99 full papers were submitted. Each paper .

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. used in the business sense and applied to the workplace, kaizen refers to activities that continually improve all functions, and involves. line workers. Over the years, organizations have been successfully practicing Kaizen for excellence and have realized that the basic imperatives to survive in today’s competitive environment need “Kaizen Continuous Improvement”. With this background CII Southern Region Manufacturing Competitiveness Sub-Committee started the initiative of Kaizen Competition in 2006 in order to create awareness of the.

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All in one week. The risk of not doing this is that your changes to one observed part of the project may have unintended consequences on another part of the work of the project. In manufacturing terms this would be like observing only one section of an assembly line and doing kaizen to it, without understanding the effect this will have on the next process immediately downstream.

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