Kebijakan Fiskal Dan Moneter Dalam Ekonomi Indonesia

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Analisis Interaksi Fiskal Dan Moneter Terhadap Produk Domestik Bruto
analisis interaksi fiskal dan moneter terhadap produk domestik bruto
Hasil Olahan EViews 4.1 Model: MODEL01 Date: 01/12/11 Time: 01:06 Sample: 1984 2009 Solve Options: Static-Stochastic Simulation Solver: Gauss-Seidel Max iterations = 5000, Convergence = 1e-08 Requested repetitions = 1000, Allow up to 2 percent failures Solution does not account for coefficient uncertainty in linked equations Track endogenous: mean, standard deviation Calculating Innovation Covariance Matrix Sample: @ALL Matrix scaled to equation specified variances Scenario: Baseline Solve begin 01:06:53 .

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Dampak Kebijakan Fiskal Terhadap Kinerja Makroekonomi Dan Sektor
dampak kebijakan fiskal terhadap kinerja makroekonomi dan sektor
.) Location 3 districts: Garut, Tasikmalaya & Ciamis West Java province, Indonesia.

Language: english
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Kajian Ekonomi Dan Keuangan, Performance Of Indonesia'S Key Non
kajian ekonomi dan keuangan, performance of indonesia's key non
.Based on the above table, it seems that most Indonesia’s Key Export Commodities price fell by around 25% since .

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Tinjauan Kebijakan Moneter Bank Indonesia
tinjauan kebijakan moneter bank indonesia
INTEREST RATE & STOCK Nine Months SBI Rate 1) One Month Deposit Rate 2) Three Months Deposit Rate 2) One Week JIBOR 2) JSX Indices 3) Monetary Aggregates (billion IDR) Base Money M1(C+D) Currency (C) Demand Deposit (D) Broad Money (M2 = C+D+T+S) Quasi Money (T) Quasi Money (Rupiah) Time Deposit Saving Deposit (Total) Foreign Currency Time Deposit Foreign Currency Demand Deposit Securities Other Than Shares (S) Broad Money - IDR Claims on Other Sectors Claims on Business Sectors PRICE CPI - Monthly (%, .

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Dinamika Proses Kebijakan Publik Dalam Dimensi Ekonomi
dinamika proses kebijakan publik dalam dimensi ekonomi
. Lembaga Komisaris dan Direksi Indonesia 2006-2008 Academic Expert Advisor, Universitas Ciputra Surabaya, 2006- Owner/Komisaris (PT. Mobee Indonesia, PT MARS Indonesia) 2007- Ketua Supervisory Committee Asian Bond Fund Indonesia (TCW Bahana/BI), Ketua Komite Sertifikasi FPSB Indonesia 2007-2008., Bisnis Indonesia, KOMPAS, Investor, Investor Daily, Warta Ekonomi, Manajemen & Usahawan Indonesia, InfoBank, Jurnal Pasar Modal, Media Akuntansi, DIA, Bahana, Jurnal Ekonomi UKI, JAKI.

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