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Kegiatan Belajar
kegiatan belajar
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Kegiatan Penambangan Emas Skala Kecil Yang Menggunakan Merkuri
kegiatan penambangan emas skala kecil yang menggunakan merkuri
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Kegiatan Regional Holding Page
kegiatan regional holding page
2. Handling of Tuk Fitri On 1 October 2007, a Sumatran Tiger was captured on Sungai Ular Rokan Hilir District, and by local people the tiger submitted to NGO Pesiar. Then on 4 October 2007, BBKSDA Riau and STTCP have a plan to take the tiger to translocation it to Senepis because he tiger condition was health. However do not have permit by NGO Pesiar with one reason that NGO Pesiar and Forestry Agency of Rokan Hilir District will release the tiger to Nature Preserve of Pulau Berkey. Refering to the plan of.

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Laporan Kegiatan
laporan kegiatan
This quarterly report is a part of the reporting and accountable process of Program Management Unit (PMU) of Forest Governance and Multistakeholder Forestry Program Phase II (MFP II II) to the Steering Committee (SC), Executing Agency (EA) and Co Directors of MFP II II. As a part of the process, the document can be used for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the program conducted by Yayasan KEHATI as service provider and secondees and consultant as PMU advisors. The progress report period October -.

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Status Kegiatan Capacity Building Oc-1 Pnpm P2kp
status kegiatan capacity building oc-1 pnpm p2kp
REMUNERATION Total Contract Amendment No. 9 Vol RATE Amount 1.371.000.000 Program Director Program Director Assistant of Program Director Assistant of Program Director National Trainer National Trainer National Trainer National Trainer 28,5 3,0 8,0 9,0 19,5 17,0 16,0 4.748.250.000 Team Leader Capacity Building Specialist Socialization Specialist Ass. Training Organizer Ass. Training Organizer Training Specialist Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Sub Spec ialistLegal & CHU Senior Assistant for .

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