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Kementerian Kehutanan Ministry Of Forestry Agustus 2010
kementerian kehutanan ministry of forestry agustus 2010
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Departemen Kehutanan Research Center For Biology Lipi
departemen kehutanan research center for biology lipi
INTRODUCTION The Cibodas Biosphere Reserve comprises natural ecosystems contained within the Gunung Gede-Pangrango National Park and man-made ecosystems surrounding the Park bordered by the encircling highway connecting Ciawi-SukabumiCianjur-Puncak-Ciawi (Figure 1). The Cibodas Biosphere Reserve is listed as a member of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (Rustiami, 2004). It is an important conservation and biological research site that has a long history in Indonesia. The natural ecosystems within .

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Proposal For A - Kehutanan - Sanggau, November 2001
proposal for a - kehutanan - sanggau, november 2001
Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) is widely understood as an approach whereby local communities become the main actors in managing their forests. Nevertheless, there is still a broad range of understandings how and where CBFM is implemented. The management approach as developed and proposed by Social Forestry Development Project in West-Kalimantan, Indonesia includes all forest related activities inside and outside existing natural forests. That means it refers to reforestation and land .

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Summary For Policy - Departemen Kehutanan Republik Indonesia | The
summary for policy - departemen kehutanan republik indonesia | the
Indonesia is committed to piloting REDD, to build a national framework for long-term implementation and to inform outstanding methodological issues. This document summarizes a set of ongoing studies, and is the first step in a longer process of analysis, policy development and site-based testing. It reflects an initial 4-month stock-take of available analysis and data, as well as the existing legal and policy framework governing the forest sector. It is not a statement of current Indonesian forestry .

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Putusan 003_puu-Iii_2005 (uu Kehutanan) - Eng
putusan 003_puu-iii_2005 (uu kehutanan) - eng
Language: english
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