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Looking Ahead The 100th Congress (p.1) Employee Benefit
looking ahead the 100th congress (p.1) employee benefit
There is congressional concern about employer termination of retiree health plans, during bankruptcy procedures, The new stopgap legislation passed this year to prevent firms that enter chapter 11 bankruptcy after October 2, 1986, from terminating retiree health plans, will expire on May 15, and action will be taken by those who want the issue resolved. Broader consideration of retiree health benefits, the tax rules that goveru funding, and the lack of vesting requirements will also be a focus of the .

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1 Looking Ahead: How To Reign In Inflation And Maintain Stable Growth
1 looking ahead: how to reign in inflation and maintain stable growth
Frankfurt, 5 September 2008 I'm grateful to my friend and former colleague, Volker Wieland, for the invitation to participate at the 10th anniversary meeting of "The ECB and its Watchers". Since my current ECB Governing Council colleague, Axel Weber, started the organization of these meetings back in 1999, the ECB watcher conferences have provided an invaluable platform for evaluating, explaining and exchanging views regarding all aspects of ECB policy and strategy. The task Volker has given to .

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Look Ahead Bibliography Peer-Reviewed Presentations 1. Lane K
look ahead bibliography peer-reviewed presentations 1. lane k
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1 A Look Ahead And Beyond? Gendered Lessons From Community-Based
1 a look ahead and beyond? gendered lessons from community-based
ABSTRACT This paper is an account of the formation of the Honda Bay Boatmen Association, Inc. (HOBBAI), a cooperative of tour boat operators in Honda Bay Puerto Princesa City, Philippines. Using participatory approach and comanagement in Community Based Sustainable Tourism (CBST) Program initiated by the national government, the local organizations in the community have made significant progress towards equitable and community-wide sharing of both responsibilities and benefits in community-based coastal .

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Looking Ahead: A Pragmatic Outlook On Aboriginal Self-Rule 1
looking ahead: a pragmatic outlook on aboriginal self-rule 1
Many philosophers and political theorists have worked on the accommodation of claims made by Aboriginals in CanadaHowever, the great majority of these works are about the theoretical problems surrounding these accommodations. While public officials on both sides are negotiating territorial, political, social and cultural matters, philosophers and political theorists have concentrated their efforts in debating over conceptual issues, and have rarely stepped out of academic circles to discuss public .

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