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In connection with the Assets, PPA’s advisors or its consultants are solely acting for PPA itself and not for the recipient of this Terms of Reference. The acceptance of this Terms of Reference by the recipient is not to be taken as investment advice given by any of PPA’s aforementioned advisors, as individual nor as collective entity. By accepting this Terms of Reference, the recipient hereby acknowledges, represents and agrees that: (a) The recipient is an experienced institution which is generally in .

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Section 1 Definitions For the purpose of this Decree of Direction on Registration and Re-registration of Regular Membership of Chamber of Commerce and Industry:2. Law on Kadin means Law Number 1/1987 on Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Charter of Kadin (“AD-ART Kadin”), means The Charter of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry which lastly being rectified and declared on the Special National Assembly (Munassus) Chamber of Commerce and Industry held on 17 December 2003 and approved by .

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- Terdapat metodologi formal dan dipahami dengan baik yang meliputi proses desain dan penentuan spesifikasi, kriteria untuk akuisisi, proses untuk pengujian dan persyaratan untuk dokumentasi. Documented and agreed approval mechanisms exist to ensure that all steps are followed and exceptions are authorised. -Mekanisme persetujuan telah terdokumentasi serta disetujui untuk memastikan bahwa semua langkah diikuti dan pengecualian diotorisasi. Practices and procedures have evolved to be well suited to the .

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