Key To Wren And Martin'S High. School English Grammar And Composition

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8. ANALYSIS OF COMPLEX SENTENCES (Clause Analysis) - 208-211 Exercise 56 - 210ANALYSIS OF COMPOUND SENTENCES (Clause Analysis) - 211-215 Exercise 57 - 213 Exercise 58 (Miscellaneous) - 214 10. TRANSFORMATION OF SENTENCES - 215-223 Sentences containing the Adverb "too" - 215 Exercise 59 - 215 Interchange of the Degrees of Comparison - 216 Exercise 60 - 216 Interchange of Active and Passive Voice - 217 Exercises 61-63 - 218 Interchange of Affirmative and Negative sentences - 219 Exercises 64-65 - .

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The chief features of the work are as follows : (I)— It has been constructed in accordance with the view, that "while English Grammar is a science which is capable of important practical applications, it has a distinct value as a means of mental training, to which the practical applications are subordinate in a High School course

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. to believe that they were all of the Angle (or English) race, and that, with some slight differences, they spoke the same language. This language is rightly called English; for they almost always called themselves Engle, and their language Englisc.Related to Other European Languages. Because the English language was brought into England from the country now called.

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