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ping ho and chun-wei tsui: when - 1 when are public-private
ABSTRACT While the higher efficiency due to better pooling of resources is largely emphasized in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), the impacts of transaction costs embedded in PPPs are often understated. In fact, excessively high transaction costs could render PPPs an inferior alternative for providing public infrastructures/services. In literature, there are some studies examining the intrinsic types and sources of transaction costs embedded in different governance structures for providing public .

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nick knight by ju-ping ho - textile and fashion management
Nick KnightIntroduction As one of the most popular and avant-garde fashion photographer, how does Nick Knight look like? When Nick Knight is doing his job, he dresses in a formal suit, black or gray with white shirt. All Knight’s suits are made by Carlo Brandelli of Kilgour, even his Levi’s are bespoke with signature which is embroidered down the side. “It’s the uniform I’ve built for myself, I know what I like and I tend to be obsessive about it.” No doubt Nick Knight enjoys fashion and combines fashion .

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