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title: soil: theoretical manual dr.ir. a.w.m. kok repository
Figure 5 demonstrates the following:Although the shapes of the responses simulated by the BODEM and the SOIL modules look similar, the scales of the velocities are quite different, especially for the surface receiver.Since the contribution of the Rayleigh waves, which plays an important role at low frequencies, is not well simulated by the BODEM module, the latter gives a result that is absolutely wrong from physical point of view for a deep receiver: at t = 0 time moment the vertical velocity at a distant.

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You will need to connect the audio output of the transceiver to the computer’s sound input, and connect the sound output from the computer to the transceiver’s audio input. Some Macintosh models come with sound input and output connectors that you can use for such a purpose. The sound input connector on a Macintosh is usually labeled as an audio line input or a microphone input, and the sound output connector is usually called headphone or audio line output. With computers that do not have both audio .

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