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Computer modeling of solar thermal collectors is a principle approach for testing of new construction concepts and improvements in the development and design stage for developers and manufacturers. Virtual prototyping of solar collectors can save the investments into number of prototypes and foreseen the collector performance in advance. Analyses of individual construction parts and details parameters impact on the collector performance is needed to make decision on efficient solar collector concepts for .

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The conformity of the designated product with the provisions of Directive number 73/23/EEC (LVD) is proved by full compliance with the following standards: Standard number EN60065 Date of issue 1993 Test type General requirements Marking Ionizing Heating under normal conditions Shock hazards under normal operating conditions Insulation requirements Fault conditions Mechanical strength Parts connected to the mains supply Components Terminal devices External flexible cords Electrical connections and .

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Ferrite materials area is divided in four main groups: high frequency, low loss, high permeability and power materials. More than 700 different tools in our workshop allow us to produce ferrite cores which will definitely meet your requirements. In case your request cannot be fulfilled from our standard range of products, we support you with our high skilled R&D team to develop custom designed ferrites. Our expertise in the field of ferrites and your knowledge in the field of applications can result in.

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The collector was incorporated into the roof of factory building in which a platform dryer having capacity of about 3 tons of fresh coffee ')erries was installed. At optimum air flow rate of 1,000 1,500 m3/h/t of fresh coffee berries and at mean insolation 5 kWh/m2, the collector was able to generate drying air temperature up to 60C and relative humidity of 17%. The time required to produce dried coffee beans from 65% to 12% moisture level was 48 hours, whereas sun drying was 65 hours. The improvement of .

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