Konsekuensi Fertilitas

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società italiana di conservazione della fertilità pro-fert
The “Tecnobios Procreazione Symposium 2008” is aimed at providing clinicians, embryologists and basic scientists with an opportunity to focus on and discuss some of the most attractive and innovative advances in the field of reproductive biology and medicine. The event will be held in association with the “3rd International Conference on the Cryopreservation of the Human Oocyte”, which will offer a comprehensive and state-of-art view of basic science and clinical application of the storage of the mature .

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sequestro carbonio nel suolo aumento della fertilità enea
Available research and trials mainly show that biochar amendments result in appreciable improvements of soil fertility:soil cation exchange capacity is increased.soil microbial functions are enhanced; the porous structure of bi h f f biochar forms a safe h f haven f microbes for i b that make nutrients available to crops.nutrient retention capacity of soils is improved thus preventing leaching and erosion; this allows farmers to reduce organic and inorganic fertilizers.4 water retention capacity of soils .

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