Kurikulum Paud Non Formal Manual

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Formalities Manual: Chapter 13: Applications Under The Pct
formalities manual: chapter 13: applications under the pct
13.01 The PCT is a treaty that has been signed by over 100 countries (Contracting States), who have agreed to cooperate so as to avoid the need to make a series of national and/or regional applications where protection is sought in several countries. Under the PCT applicants may make a single “international” application to the International Bureau (IB) of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva for as many of the PCT Contracting States as they desire. Later, the applicant can then .

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Formalities Manual: Chapter 10: Extension Of Time Limits (rule 10)
formalities manual: chapter 10: extension of time limits (rule 10)
Any form or document (except a new Patent application which does not claim priority) which arrives at the Office on either a Saturday or Sunday is given the following Monday as its date of receipt because the Office is closed during the weekend. If a relevant period expires on either Saturday or Sunday the form or document is not treated as filed late if it is filed on the following Monday because, in the normal course of events, it would have been filed in time. Neither can a form or document be deemed .

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Formalities Manual: Chapter 12: Miscellaneous
formalities manual: chapter 12: miscellaneous
. first instance who will forward any s.117 corrections to Formalities to deal with using the message F20 CORRECTION. In either. be forwarded to the Assistant Head of Administration via the Formalities Manager.

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Formalities Manual: Chapter 02: Request For Grant Of A Patent
formalities manual: chapter 02: request for grant of a patent
. patent should be made. S.15A(2) provides that the Formalities Examiner shall determine whether the application complies with those requirements. which are designated by the rules as formal for the purposes of the Act. The formal requirements are set out in r.

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Formalities Manual; Chapter 16
formalities manual; chapter 16
16.01 Certified Office Copies (COC) are documents that comprise copies of patents, patent applications or extracts thereof covered by a Certificate of the Comptroller and bearing the office seal. Their purpose, in the main, is to act as convention documents for patent applications made in foreign countries by UK residents. However, they are also often required for use in legal proceedings. To this end, the Office may be asked to certify anything relating to a patent (or application for a patent) under the.

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