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Cases Used Statistics for each analysis are based on cases with no missing data for any variable in the analysis. Syntax ONEWAY BMI2 BY Goldar /STATISTICS DESCRIPTIVES HOMOGENEITY /PLOT MEANS /MISSING ANALYSIS /POSTHOC=TUKEY ALPHA(0.05). DataSet1 30 01-Oct-2004 23:07:16

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kurikulum dan kompetensi tenaga informatika kesehatan indonesia
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huraian sukatan pelajaran kurikulum bersepadu smk ayer hangat
Rukun Negara Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan Kata Pengantar Introduction The Curriculum Specifications Recommended Approaches And Strategies For Teaching And Learning Curriculum Content Criteria For Schools Intending To Offer The Subject Suggested Readings Learning Outcomes And Specifications 1.0 Information And Communication Technology And Society 2.0 Computer Systems 3.0 Computer Networks And Communications 4.0 Multimedia 5.0 Programming 6.0 Information Systems 7 11 14 19 23 26 v vi vii 1 1 2 3 5 6

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