La Felicidad De Nuestros Hijos

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Salud Mental. La Depresión Y La Salud De Nuestros Pueblos
salud mental. la depresión y la salud de nuestros pueblos
This article proposes that depression has a major influence in the health of our communities. The attributable risk of depression on many public health problems is likely to be substantial. If so, reducing the prevalence of depression would produce a significant benefit on the overall health of our world. For example, of the nine top causes of preventible deaths in the USA, depression is related to the use of tobacco (number one cause of death), alcohol (third), and illicit drugs (ninth); it is a risk .

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La Integración De Internet En La Educación Escolar Española:
la integración de internet en la educación escolar española:
Language: english
PDF pages: 807, PDF size: 8.91 MB
La Comprensión De Algunas Extensiones Semánticas De Los Lexemas
la comprensión de algunas extensiones semánticas de los lexemas
A remark overheard from a 5-year-old at school when watering a plant encapsulates some of the assumptions and conclusions reached in this dissertation. Observing the water running out of the flower pot, the child said: “se está meando” (it’s peeing). This ability to use a linguistic expression that refers to one domain of experience in order to talk about another demonstrates our human ability, even at very early ages, to speak and reason figuratively. The semantic extension of terms through the transfer .

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La Sociedad De La Información En El Siglo Xxi: Un Requisito Para
la sociedad de la información en el siglo xxi: un requisito para
Language: english
PDF pages: 298, PDF size: 2.05 MB
La Chanson De Roland
la chanson de roland
. work. The seventh edition of Ln Gautier's "CHANSON DE ROLAND," contains a vast amount of explanatory notes, grammatical.

Language: english
PDF pages: 294, PDF size: 0.4 MB
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