La Geometría De Riemann Y El Análisis Tensorial

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Aplicaciones De La Geometría Fractal En El Analisis De Presas The
aplicaciones de la geometría fractal en el analisis de presas the
• • • The purposes of this paper are: - To consider nonlinear dynamical aspects, in the criteria for structural and geotechnical design. - show that some earthquakes have chaotic content in addition to the random one. Taking into account that are non-stationary processes, so they must use appropriate mathematical tools (not limited to criteria used in stationary linear dynamic). Like examples of application of these concepts, the chaotic content analysis was realized for three earthquakes in Mexico, .

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La Obra De Arte Y El Fin De La Era De Lo Singular
la obra de arte y el fin de la era de lo singular
“Thus we find reflected in the visual sphere what we noted, in the theoretical sphere, as a rise in the importance of statistics. The orientation of reality to the masses, and of the masses to reality .” Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction “Be not one or many, be multiplicities!!” Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, “Rhizoma, an introduction” in A Thousand Plateaux. "There is no individual, there is no species. Only the highs and lows of intensity” Friedrich .

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La Interpretación De Conferencia En El Mercado Libre
la interpretación de conferencia en el mercado libre
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Desmantelamiento De La Planta De Filtrado , Y El Llenado De Las
desmantelamiento de la planta de filtrado , y el llenado de las
After the European colonization, RPG have progressively become one of the most important areas of beef and grain production in the world. The introduction of cattle, sheep and horses during the XVI century, and the introduction of agriculture by the end of the XIX century have deeply modified the original landscape, which led to a great loss of grassland habitat, at least in its pristine form (Soriano et al., 1992). Habitat loss, hunting pressures and zoonotic diseases introduce by exotics have threatened.

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La Sociedad De La Información En El Siglo Xxi: Un Requisito Para
la sociedad de la información en el siglo xxi: un requisito para
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