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En La Política Moderna, Ya Lo Decía Maquiavelo, La Opinión Del
en la política moderna, ya lo decía maquiavelo, la opinión del
I In modern politics, as Machiavelli said, the opinion of the subjects is very important for keeping power. In Chapter XVII of The Prince, he suggests that the prince “ought to desire to be considered clement and not cruel”. Machiavelli understands that power is more than a simple act of force; the exercise of power has a consequence in social perception. In this sense, the ways to assure obedience have a moral dimension. The authority is perceived fair or as excessive in the punishment to those that had .

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La Radio Italiana E La Sua Importanza Linguistica Neologie De Sens
la radio italiana e la sua importanza linguistica neologie de sens
ABSTRACT The paper presents the importance of the radio in broadcasting the Italian language among the Italian population, that was predominantly dialectophone and illiterate at the beginning of the twentieth century. Standard Italian, spoken only in Toscany, was the privilege of the upper classes of society. The press, the radio and later, television were and still are means of linguistic unification. In radio communication the direct interaction between emitter and receiver is absent, typical of mass .

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Robin Ratcliffe. Vicepresidenta De Acción Internacional La
robin ratcliffe. vicepresidenta de acción internacional la
. en materia de microfinanzas, por un lado como pionera en la creación de financiación viable y por el otro, como apoyo a las instituciones financieras que contribuyen a la financiación de la construcción de hogares en los países en vías de desarrollo. En la presentación se exponen las estrategias de éxito llevadas a cabo. y para desarrollar eficazmente a los gobiernos locales, siempre manteniendo la misión social.

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La Progettazione Di Una Moderna Centrale elettrica: La Centrale Di
la progettazione di una moderna centrale elettrica: la centrale di
SUMMARY The start of the Energy Stock Market as well as transfer to the local entities (i.e. Regioni) of the responsibilities for the energy planning introduced new challenges for tackling by the designer. Foster Wheeler Italiana (FWI) is erecting for Voghera Energia (VE, Electrabel/ACEA group) a combined cycle power plant (CCPP) in the neighbourhood of the town of Voghera, 50 kilometers south of Milan. The CCPP is designed with a high degree of automation: in particular, all the start-up operations are .

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Tecnologías Lingüísticas Y Aplicaciones En La Web
tecnologías lingüísticas y aplicaciones en la web
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