Lampiran Permendagri No.17 Tahun 2007

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Agenda - Council Meeting - 17 December, 2007
agenda - council meeting - 17 december, 2007

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Microsoft Powerpoint - Crf 17 April 2007
microsoft powerpoint - crf 17 april 2007
.. • 38% of UK electricity is from coal (48% in winter 2007), largest source of coal is Russia

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Tariff Concessions Gazette - 17 October 2007
tariff concessions gazette - 17 october 2007
Description of Goods including the Customs Tariff Classification 7308.40.00 COMPONENTS, SCAFFOLDING, being ANY of the following: (a) braces; (b) guard rails; (c) corner infills; (d) chainwire rolls; (e) hopups; (f) adjustable bases; (g) ledgers; (h) ladder beams; (i) planks; (j) steel pallets; (k) standards; (l) steel stairs; (m) transoms; (n) tie bars; (o) transom ladder accesses; (p) toe board clips; (q) wall ties; (r) wall tie tubes; (s) transom trusses Op. 27.09.07 Stated Use: Components of .

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October-December Newsletter 17 December 2007
october-december newsletter 17 december 2007
Nowhere is this more needed than in post-conflict situations. Based on the increased involvement of UNV Human Rights and Protection Specialists in post-conflict countries, this newsletter provides an overview on the contributions of UNVs to maintaining a balance of rights in post conflict Liberia. As in all volunteering experiences, documentation on the work and experiences of volunteers in human rights activities is scarce and most often anecdotal. The need to provide information on the role of UNV Human .

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Arxiv:physics/0701192v1 17 Jan 2007
arxiv:physics/0701192v1 17 jan 2007
Abstract We have studied the performance of a new algorithm for electron/pion separation in an Emulsion Cloud Chamber (ECC) made of lead and nuclear emulsion films. The software for separation consists of two parts: a shower reconstruction algorithm and a Neural Network that assigns to each reconstructed shower the probability to be an electron or a pion. The performance has been studied for the ECC of the OPERA experiment [1]. The e/π separation algorithm has been optimized by using a detailed Monte Carlo.

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