Lampiran Permenpan No 16 Tahun 2009

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Manuscript Olkc 2009 - 16 January 2009
manuscript olkc 2009 - 16 january 2009
Keywords: Buyer-supplier relationships; inter-firm learning; power asymmetries; trust Abstract This paper reports the findings of a study conducted among 450 European buyers and suppliers in manufacturing regarding their relationship with their trading partners. Particularly, the focus is on whether and how asymmetry in the power position of two trading partners affects the level of inter-firm learning and the moderating role of interfirm trust. Results indicate that power differentials have a negative .

Language: english
PDF pages: 18, PDF size: 0.08 MB
Daisy Catalogue English 16 Nov 2009
daisy catalogue english 16 nov 2009
Language: english
PDF pages: 440, PDF size: 1.2 MB
List Of Ccms (16.11.2009)
list of ccms (16.11.2009)
Language: english
PDF pages: 142, PDF size: 0.8 MB
Letters Patent Issued 16 February 2009
letters patent issued 16 february 2009
Language: english
PDF pages: 128, PDF size: 6.12 MB
Cansecwest/core09 March 16-20, 2009
cansecwest/core09 march 16-20, 2009
Language: english
PDF pages: 84, PDF size: 2.66 MB
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