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sms pdu
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Bab Landasan Teori 2.1 Audit Sistem Informasi 2.1.1
bab landasan teori 2.1 audit sistem informasi 2.1.1
14 effectively. Test of control, therefore, evaluate whether specific, material controls are, in fact, reliable.Test of transaction From an attest perspective, recall auditors use tests of transaction to evaluate whether errorneous or irregular processing of a transaction has led to a material misstatement of financial information. Typical attest test of transaction include tracing journal entries to their source documents, examining price files for propriety, and testing computational accuracy.Test of .

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Bab Landasan Teori 2.1 Teori Umum 2.1.1 Evaluasi
bab landasan teori 2.1 teori umum 2.1.1 evaluasi Pengertian Pengendalian Menurut RichardCascarino (2007, p 57), “Control: any action taken by management to enhance the likelihood that established objective and goals will be achieved. It results from management’s planning, organizing, and directing, and the many variants (e.g., m anagem ent control, internal con trol, etc.) can be in copora ted within the g eneric term.” Ini berarti b ahwa p engendalian adalah suatu tindakan y ang diambil oleh man ajemen untuk menin gkatkan lin gkun gan dalam up .

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Bab Landasan Teori
bab landasan teori
Terdapat dua format laporan laba rugi, yaitu single step dan multiple step. Skousen, Stice, dan Stice menjelaskan kedua bentuk laporan laba rugi tersebut sebagai berikut, “With the single-step form, all revenue and gain that are identified as operating items are placed first on the income statement, followed by all expenses and losses that are identified as operating items. The difference between total revenues and gains and total expenses and losses represent income from operations. If there are no .

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7 Bab Ii Landasan Teori A. Beberapa Konsep Tentang Kemiskinan
7 bab ii landasan teori a. beberapa konsep tentang kemiskinan
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