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This quarterly report is a part of the reporting and accountable process of Program Management Unit (PMU) of Forest Governance and Multistakeholder Forestry Program Phase II (MFP II II) to the Steering Committee (SC), Executing Agency (EA) and Co Directors of MFP II II. As a part of the process, the document can be used for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the program conducted by Yayasan KEHATI as service provider and secondees and consultant as PMU advisors. The progress report period October -.

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Rain water intercepted would be stored temporarily on the canopy surface and later evaporated back to the atmosphere or falls down to the ground surface. Interception can not be measured directly, it is calculated as the difference between gross rainfall (measured above the canopy or in an open space) and net rainfall (measured beneath the canopy). Interception by a vegetated area reduces water yield of the area but existence of a vegetated area help reducing surface runoff and increasing the water .

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