Laporan Pkl Smk Jurusan Akuntansi

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00203 06014 sac jurusan akuntansi
The Coordinator can delegate this task to one of the Administrators.Required users who have not used the SAC the required number of times during a particular week will be asked to make up the sessions they missed during the following week.

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pengaruh persepsi mahasiswa jurusan manaje~fn wngenai akuntansi
Accounting is the main subject in accounting but management also has this subject, Based on the list that the writer has got from the research un%, there is a material difference befween the final semester resut if it is compared with the accounting students, especially Vehicular Accounting I (Pengantar Akunfansi I) subject, Vehicular Accounting I1 and Finance Accounting. Meanwhile management accounting subject didn't show the material difference. Only a few management students got a good mark, if we .

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