Large Universal Remote Control Px Manual

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Universal Remote Control User Manual Etisalat
universal remote control user manual etisalat
., or it will search through all code sets in the universal database if brand number was selected). • Press the or key. power or mute IR-command is transmitted for the next universal code-set in the code-set list for the selected.-command. When the or key is held continuously then subsequent universal code-sets will be selected automatically and a sequence of standby or mute IR-command of the next universal code-set is transmitted. In the case that brand number.

Language: english
PDF pages: 12, PDF size: 1.71 MB
Manual (w/learning) - Atlas Ocap 5-Device Universal Remote Control
manual (w/learning) - atlas ocap 5-device universal remote control
.The Atlas OCAP 5-Device Remote Control with Learning by Universal Electronics is our latest generation universal remote control. Its sophisticated technology allows you to consolidate up to five of your original home entertainment remote controls. controls to one mode or individual modes • Device Key Re-Assignment to remotely control a second (duplicate) device • Code Search to help program control.

Language: english
PDF pages: 92, PDF size: 1.64 MB
Manual - Universal Remote Control
manual - universal remote control
. Philips SRP 3004 universal remote control. After setting up the remote control you can operate up to 4 different devices with it. The remote control’s patented. VCR. Simply follow the instructions in chapter ‘Setting up the remote control for TV’ to easily set up the remote control for your devices.

Language: english
PDF pages: 33, PDF size: 1.99 MB
Universal Remote Control User'S Guide - Cox Manual
universal remote control user's guide - cox manual
.The Cox Universal Remote Control by Universal Electronics is our latest generation universal remote control.It is designed with sophisticated technology that will allow you to consolidate the clutter of all of the original remote controls. you wish to control. Follow the instructions detailed in this manual to set up your unit and then start enjoying your new remote control.

Language: english
PDF pages: 28, PDF size: 0.79 MB
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