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24.7 Editorials Ns Colin
24.7 editorials ns colin
This is understandable. China’s borders encompass more than 1.3 billion people — one in every five humans on the planet — and stunningly diverse terrain, from the Yellow River plain in the east to the Himalayan plateau in the west. In science and technology, China now generates more publications than any other country bar the United States, and ranks third in the number of doctoral degrees it awards. One can take almost any measure and find an extreme in China. Where else would authorities even consider a .

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Museo Nacional Ciencias Naturales
museo nacional ciencias naturales
in 1976, and published prelimioarily by AGUIRRE et al. (1976). Other papers fol1owed (AGtJlRll.E & DE LUMLEY, 1977; AGUlRRE & ROSAS, 1985; AGUlRRE et al., 1987). There were three mandibular remains, rwelve isolared teeth, two cranial fragmenta and part oí a tibia. From 1984 to 1987, cleaning out the debris left by excursionista was conducted and part oí the unrouched sedimentary deposit tested. The present collection ot human fossils from SH includes: 65 cranial fragments; 6 majar mandibular .

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Analytic Summary Ciencias Naturales 14
analytic summary ciencias naturales 14
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Zootaxa Museo Argentino Ciencias Naturales
zootaxa museo argentino ciencias naturales
Introduction The genus Coptoprepes was put forth by Simon (1884) from a collection of spiders brought from Tierra del Fuego by the Mission Scientifique du Cap Horn, commissioned by the French government between 1882 and 1883. He described one species, Coptoprepes flavopilosus Simon, distributed through the humid temperate forests in Chile and adjacent Argentina, from Osorno to Tierra del Fuego. Three additional species were recently described in Ramírez (2003), expanding the known distribution of the .

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View Museo Argentino Ciencias Naturales
view museo argentino ciencias naturales
gen. et nov. sp., from the early Late Cretaceous of Patagonia. It is represented by more than a hundred bones belonging to different sized individuals, which were buried together in disarticulation after little transportation. The available association of skeletal elements suggests a gregarious behaviour for Bicentenaria, an ethological trait also recorded among other theropod clades. Increasing documentation of monospecific assemblages of different groups of theropods suggests that a gregarious behaviour .

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