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Manual Showco Telón De Leds
manual showco telón de leds
when under the multiple controller operation condition, only one controller was allowed to be set as master controller, enter this menu the controller will be set as the master automaticly. 3.5.1 (Patterm type) mode, allow to select 7 kinds of direction mode or strobe mode. 3.5.2 (Cross Time) strobe speed or spark time, when pattern type is strobe mode, it adjust the strobe frequency, when pattern type is direction mode, it adj

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User Manual Dlc-C2p6-De Led Current Controller Jm- Vistec
user manual dlc-c2p6-de led current controller jm- vistec
ST0 Report general settings. Typical output is: TM 1, TP 20.00ms STc Where c channel number (1 or 2) Report settings for a single channel. Enable Ethernet Messages GTm m = 0 to disable Ethernet messages = 1 to enable Ethernet messages When Ethernet messages are enabled, any error reports are sent to the most recent UDP or TCP address from which a command has been received. Messages are of the form: Evtc,e Where c zero for no channel or channel number (1 or 2) v event value: 32 to 47 Lighting error code 128.

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Diablo Mongoose Led Manual
diablo mongoose led manual
STANDARD WARRANTY: The manufacturer warranties to the original customer that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 90 days from the original date of purchase by the initial owner/purchaser. The manufacturer agrees to repair or replace (at its discretion) any product within a reasonable period of time. This warranty does not cover: o-rings, scratches, nicks, normal wear and tear of parts, any modifications or normal fading of anodizing or.

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De Basic Manual 10 1 10
de basic manual 10 1 10
. Bill 241 of 1993 or have been used in this Manual with meanings intended to be consistent with the requirements of. of improving the understanding of the Manual, definitions of these words as used elsewhere in this Manual are set forth below.Bureau.

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Manual Do Utilizador De Rede Manual Do Utilizador De Rede Manual
manual do utilizador de rede manual do utilizador de rede manual
.Leia atentamente este manual antes de utilizar esta máquina na rede. Pode consultar este manual a partir do CD-ROM em qualquer momento. mais recentes para a máquina, leia as secções de FAQ e as sugestões para resolução de problemas e saiba mais sobre soluções.

Language: english
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