Makalah Bencana Banjir Dan Longsor Di Kota Semarang

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pendekatan penyelesaian masalah bajir di kota semarang, jawa tengah
Abstract There is a need for agent oriented software engineering (AOSE) methodologies that support the conceptual modelling of mobile agent systems. In this paper, we present m-GAIA, our extension to the GAIA methodology for modelling mobile agent systems. m-GAIA incorporates explicit constructs to perform the analysis and design of multiagent systems which include mobile agents. We also present our experiences in mapping the conceptual models developed in m-GAIA to an implementation using the Grasshopper.

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antisipasi masalah banjir dan bencana alam lainnya
– Urbanization : complicated problem for big city ( eg. Population of Jakarta expanded explosively from 0.8 mill just before world war II to 1.2 mill in 1948, 5 mill in 1973, 6.4 mill in 1980 and 10 mill in 2000, 12 mill Now) – Improper Land or spatial management : Land use plan change due to economical reason with less consideration about environmental conservation. It has generated uncontrolled urban development. – River bank occupation, reducing flood carrying capacity of the river. – Solid waste .

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semarang merupakan kota tua di pantai utara jawa yang tumbuh di
The 1st International Urban Conference, Surabaya, 23rd-25th 2004 Prelude The history of city planning in Indonesia has begun since centuries ago with the lay out of Trowulan, the capital city of Majapahit and the capital cities of the sultanates in Java. Although there was no drawing, these capitals were planned by the sultan according to the cosmology and military strategy. Yogyakarta as the capital of Mataram was planned by Sultan Hamengku Buwana I with a palace, an alun-alun and flanked by two rivers: .

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