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El Niño And La Niña Episodes And Their Impact On The Weather In
el niño and la niña episodes and their impact on the weather in
.Introduction El Niño and La Niña episodes have been shown in numerous studies to have large . El Niño and La Niña episodes on a more local scale. Methodology Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) values, defined as sea surface temperature anomalies in the Niño. least five consecutive overlapping three month seasons which indicated an El Niño episode and departures of 0.5C cooler than normal for. that this criteria is also what CPC uses to define El Niño and La Niña episodes. Episodes were then defined from a July-June.

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Effects Of El Nino And La Nina On Seabird Assemblages In The
effects of el nino and la nina on seabird assemblages in the
. characteristics of species richness and diversity during El Nlno 1986-87 a n d La Nina 1988 were compared with the other years. from year to year, but changed the most during El Nino and La Nlna Either event was manifested by a decrease in richness. not affected. For El N ~ n oassemblages changed more during autumn , compared to spring The effect of La Nina was strongest during sprlng

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Impacts Of El Niño And La Niña On The U.s. Climate During Northern
impacts of el niño and la niña on the u.s. climate during northern
. final form 11 September 2006) ABSTRACT The impacts of El Niño and La Niña on the U.S. climate during northern summer are analyzed. America during La Niña events and leads to hot and dry summers over the central United States. However, the impacts of El Niño over., and a strong and extensive anticyclone is reproduced in the La Niña simulation. The model responses to the individual forcing terms suggested. America. The stretching term ( fD) excites a low in the El Niño simulation and a high in the La Niña simulation over North America.

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Workshop On Forecasting El Niño And La Niña In Indochina
workshop on forecasting el niño and la niña in indochina
It was also concluded that “there is a critical need to involve forecast users in the process of forecast development.” (The workshop report is available at igcn2000.htm and a copy was given to all participants.) The proposal for the current training workshop was based on these recommendations which were then refined into specific goals during a series of consultations with regional and international stakeholders, including meetings in Cambodia and Lao PDR .

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Solar Activity Controls El Niño And La Niña
solar activity controls el niño and la niña
High positive values indicate La Niña. Power spectra of the covarying time series (inset) show a . years. The inset axis measures cycles per year. The coordinated El Niño/Southern Oscillation phenomenon (ENSO, for short) is the strongest source. troposphere, measured by satellites since 1979, are primarily driven by El Niños, La Niñas, and the Southern Oscillation.

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