Makalah Hak Dan Kewajiban Tenaga Kerja Dalam Islam

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Richard Simorangkir Analisis Produktivitas Tenaga Kerja Dan
richard simorangkir analisis produktivitas tenaga kerja dan
The data to complete this research is using and evaluating time series data, they are collected through several resourches and data publication. The time series data evaluated by using a few of formula so that the result will show comparation or frekwensi of labour demand periode by periode. The data analyzed by using labour productivity analyzing method, elasticity of working opportunity and labour growth analyze with compound interest. The research result shows that there are five main sector and their .

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Islam, Keindonesiaan, Dan Kemodernan Dalam Pemikiran Arsitektur
islam, keindonesiaan, dan kemodernan dalam pemikiran arsitektur
. bringing a searching a question about what is “Islamic Architecture”. My acquaintanceship with Islamic thinkers and activist in Salman Mosque guided me into well known Islamic intellectual thinking, such as Ismail al Faruqi, Seyyed Hosen Nasr, and PhilipHitti, about the existence of Islamic Culture and Architecture sense of beauty and spirituality. I tried. Noe’man’s figure represented “Indonesian Islamic Architecture”. When I met him, and asked what is “Islamic Architecture”, his answer was outside.

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Pengurusan Bukti Audit Dan Kertas Kerja Cawangan Audit Dalam
pengurusan bukti audit dan kertas kerja cawangan audit dalam
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Tanggung Jawab Negara Dalam Perlindungan Dan Pemajuan Hak
tanggung jawab negara dalam perlindungan dan pemajuan hak
INTRODUCTION State is a place to realize the ideals of nationhood by bringing together various peculiarities of Indonesian society based on Pancasila, which is the quintessence of the whole philosophy underlying the development of the State of nationality Indonesia. Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 is the supreme law of the base has confirmed that Indonesia is a country of law. The consequence of this is the State's responsibility to ensure the protection of human rights of all .

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