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• Mercantilism is a theoretical perspective that accounts for one of the basic compulsions of all nation-states: to create wealth and power in order to preserve and protect their national security and independence (Balaam and Veseth, 2005) • It is a viewpoint deeply rooted in political realism, which looks at IPE issues mainly in terms of national interest. • Basic assumptions of classical mercantilists (Oatley, 2004): (1) National power and wealth were tightly connected (2) Trade provided one way for .

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marsigit makalah lesson study symposium internasional fip 25 agustus 2008
ABSTRACT From the early of 2000 up to present there have been cooperation between Government of Indonesia (GOI) and JICA-Japan to promote Lesson Study. Three universities, UPI Bandung, UNY Yogyakarta and UM Malang carried out a project for pursuing good practice of mathematics and sciences teaching by empowering and developing teacher education. The extension of the project resulting piloting activities through Lesson Study for good practice of secondary mathematics teaching in three cluster site of West .

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