Makalah Hukum Keluarga Waris Islam

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Abstrak-Jurnal-No-3 Fakultas Hukum Uii Universitas Islam
abstrak-jurnal-no-3 fakultas hukum uii universitas islam
The problems in this research are formulated as follows: (1) Why does the legislation of Regional Regulations in East Java tend to be conducted in elitist way? (2) What factors do obstruct the institutionalization of the basic principles of democracy in the legislation of Regional Regulations in East Java? And, (3) How is the future conceptualization of legislation of Regional Regulations in democracy perspective? To answer the questions, this research uses socio-legal research approach. The result of the .

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Konsultasi Hukum Islam Kementerian Agama Prov Aceh
konsultasi hukum islam kementerian agama prov aceh
Abstract Dahsyatnya bencana gempa bumi dan gelompang tsunami di Aceh dan sebagian wilayah Sumatera Utara adalah klimaks dari segala bencana yang pernah terjadi di tanah air. Namun ada hikmah maupun pelajaran yang dapat kita petik dari bencana ini. Yaitu bahwa bencana ini tidak hanya menimbulkan penderitaan, kesedihan maupun kerugian yang maha dahsyat, melainkan bencana ini telah pula membangkitkan semangat kebangsaan, solidaritas dan integritas dalam bernegara. Benarkah? Tulisan ini mengulas tentang .

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Aidul Fakultas Hukum Universitas Islam Indonesia
aidul fakultas hukum universitas islam indonesia
Abstract This research discusses two issues which are: First, (1) comparison of similarities and differences of the essence of Constitution and the amendment agreement of Constitution; Second, (2) consequence of those differences towards the current development of Constitution. Normative legal research and post-colonial theory methods are used to analyze the issues. Data are collected from legal materials through literary study and documentary study. With those methods, this research found that the .

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Jawahir Tonthowi Fakultas Hukum Universitas Islam Indonesia Yogyakarta
jawahir tonthowi fakultas hukum universitas islam indonesia yogyakarta
Authority Theory Authority (gezag) is well-formalized power to certain groups of people, or power to a whole governance sector which comes from a legislative or government. 8 Meanwhile, competence (bevoegdheid) is only about one certain sector. Besides that, competence is also an ability to perform a public legal act or legally competence is an ability to act given by legislation to do legal relations. According to Indroharto, 9 characteristic of government competence is express simplified, which is clear.

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Counter Legal Draft Kompilasi Hukum Islam (cld-Khi) From The
counter legal draft kompilasi hukum islam (cld-khi) from the
. law, this article discusses on CLD-KHI (Counter Legal DraftKompilasi Hukum Islam) arranged by Kelompok Kerja Pengarusutamaan Gender Departemen Agama RI 2004. of the usage of strange perspective in the study of Islamic law like democracy, gender and human rights which were considered as intrusion of the West towards Islamic law, and the products of such perspectives do not reflect.

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