Makalah Kebijakan Ekonomi Fiskal

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Dampak Kebijakan Fiskal Terhadap Kinerja Makroekonomi Dan Sektor
dampak kebijakan fiskal terhadap kinerja makroekonomi dan sektor
Data A chilli grower survey in March- April 2010 by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), The University of Adelaide and The Indonesian Centre for Agriculture Socio Economic and Policy Studies (ICASEPS) Respondent 409: Traditional market channels 113: Supermarket channels Total 602 respondents After cleaning process: 599 respondents Questionnaire The-18 pages structured questionnaire To rate the level of relationship variables: Likert scale (1=strongly disagree - 5=strongly agree) .

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Analisis Keefektifan Kebijakan Fiskal Terhadap Kinerja Sektor
analisis keefektifan kebijakan fiskal terhadap kinerja sektor
Language: english
PDF pages: 96, PDF size: 1.65 MB
Dinamika Proses Kebijakan Publik Dalam Dimensi Ekonomi
dinamika proses kebijakan publik dalam dimensi ekonomi
., Sinar Harapan, SWA, Bisnis Indonesia, KOMPAS, Investor, Investor Daily, Warta Ekonomi, Manajemen & Usahawan Indonesia, InfoBank, Jurnal Pasar Modal, Media Akuntansi, DIA, Bahana, Jurnal Ekonomi UKI, JAKI, JBR, Scripta Economica UPH, Jurnal, Sinergi MMUII, published.

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Roy M.tamba: Analisis Kebijakan Stabilitas Ekonomi Makro, 1999
roy m.tamba: analisis kebijakan stabilitas ekonomi makro, 1999
Indonesia, as one of the development country, always take and consider about every thing in policies that used in the modem countries event the caused of the problem economies is different each other. Following this, these economies tend to experience a macroeconomics stabilization policies with fiscal policy, monetary policy, and trade .foreign policy. Together, these three policies used in Indonesia to make an economies stability. But however, the impact of that in every province or region makes many .

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Read Here Pusat Sosial Ekonomi Dan Kebijakan Pertanian
read here pusat sosial ekonomi dan kebijakan pertanian
INTRODUCTION Currently, the government still emphasizes food crops development policy on increasing rice production compared to those of other food crop commodities. All development incentives and sources are prioritized to develop rice industry as the main staple food. Thus, it leads to less development of secondary crops and their yields are far below their potentials. However, increased production of secondary crops will contribute significantly in improving the farm households’ incomes, strengthening .

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