Makalah Masalah Penyimpangan Sosial Di Provinsi

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Studi Iklim Usaha Di Provinsi Ntt: Kasus Timor Barat
studi iklim usaha di provinsi ntt: kasus timor barat
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Masalah-Masalah Sosial
masalah-masalah sosial
Parental persons‟ distance: space for healthy relations to the child‟s parent in the house Basic family distance: space for a suitable relations and recreation with the family in the neighborhood Neighborhood – school spatial distance: at this age the child has new horizon of relations, namely friends at school Peer groups and Out-groups; Model of leadership: space fro the puberty Partners in friendship, sex, competition, cooperation: spatial issues for labor (especially love), work (economic activities),.

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Kebakaran Di Lahan Rawa/gambut Di Sumatera:masalah Dan Solusi
kebakaran di lahan rawa/gambut di sumatera:masalah dan solusi
Djoko Setijono from the Bilateral South Sumatra Forest Fire Management Project (SSFFMP) in Palembang also confirmed that villagers use fire for fishing and swamp rice cultivation in the wetlands. Swamp fire use is not based on any sustainable traditional practice. Active participation of the communities is required to resolve the peatland fire problem and this is the approach being developed by the SSFFMP project for South Sumatra. Given the importance of fire for the local economy, ways to regulate .

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Penelitian Masalah Lingkungan Di Indonesia 2010 - Co2 Flux In
penelitian masalah lingkungan di indonesia 2010 - co2 flux in
The oceans currently absorb approximately one-half of the anthropogenic CO2 emitted from fossil fuels and industrial processes. Ocean contains more than fifty times carbon in the atmosphere and as a buffer limiting the concentration of CO2 in atmosphere. The amount of CO2 flux between atmosphere and ocean or CO2 concentration in ocean is controlled by physical, chemical, and biological process. It can be determined from air-sea CO2 concentration differences and CO2 exchange process between the atmosphere .

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Pokok Bahasan Masalah Mata Di Indonesia
pokok bahasan masalah mata di indonesia
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