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Pengetahuan Pasar Modal
pengetahuan pasar modal
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Keputusan Ketua Badan Pengawas Pasar Modal
keputusan ketua badan pengawas pasar modal
HAS DECIDED: To enact : DECISION OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE CAPITAL MARKET AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS SUPERVISORY AGENCY CONCERNING CLEARING AND GUARANTEE INSTITUTIONS COMMISSIONERS Article 1 Provision concerning Clearing and Guarantee Institutions Commissioners is regulated in Rule Number III.B.8 as stipulated in the attachment of this Decision. Article 2 With the enactment of this Decision, every provision that related to Clearing And Guarantee Institutions Commissioners as regulated in Rule Number III.B.3 .

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Siaran Pers Akhir Tahun Badan Pengaw As Pasar Modal
siaran pers akhir tahun badan pengaw as pasar modal
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"modal and thermal characteristics 670nm vcsels"(ppt vixar
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Microsoft Powerpoint - Moscow (makalah 5 Negara Eropa).ppt
microsoft powerpoint - moscow (makalah 5 negara eropa).ppt
The period between 1997-2005 was a lost decade for Indonesia. The economic rate of growth has improved recently mainly driven by the rise in commodities prices prices. The Asian crisis in 1997-98 was much more severe in Indonesia than in other crisis-hit countries, in terms of: (i) the loss in output, economic contraction over minus 13 percent in 1998; (ii) the drop in the external value of domestic currency, over 70 percent in 1998; (iii) the cost of bank recapitalization amounted to 50 percent of annual.

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