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Quantum N-Space As A Quotient Of Classical N-Space Introduction In
quantum n-space as a quotient of classical n-space introduction in
.; and each H-orbit in prim A is a settheoretic quotient of a locally closed subset of G that is stable.

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Some Quotient Algebras Arising From The Quantum Toroidal Algebra
some quotient algebras arising from the quantum toroidal algebra
.The quantum toroidal algebras were introduced in [1] and [2] as q . [2], [4]–[11]. In [12], we studied some quotient algebras arising from the quantum toroidal algebra of type sl2 and found a. paper we extend this result to the case of the quantum toroidal algebra of type sln+1 (n 2). Let C. representations of these algebras were investigated in [15]–[21]. The quantum toroidal algebra which we study is a q deformation of. algebra of this Lie algebraWe shall briefly explain what quotient algebras we consider. As was shown in [14],

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Cohomology Quotients Quantum Symmetric Algebras
cohomology quotients quantum symmetric algebras
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The ̂sl(n) Construction And A Realisation As Quotient Of Quantum
the ̂sl(n) construction and a realisation as quotient of quantum
u(n)) and the specialisation at q = 1 of the quantum cohomology ring. (A mathematical proof seems to be contained in. as a quotient of qH • (Grk,k+n ) with the defining relations explained via Bethe Ansatz equations of a quantum integrable. in two ways: as particle hopping operators of a certain quantum integrable system and as generators of an algebra appearing naturally. polynomials turns out to be the transfer matrix of the quantum integrable system. This is the starting point of our analysis.

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