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user manual instrucciones de manejo - euroset 3005
., using the template (marks ) provided on page 12 of this manual as a reference (bushings and screws are not included). Besides.

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euroset 3010 user manual instrucciones manejo telefónica
The FLASH key allows you to access specific special services (follow-me, call waiting, conference, etc.), as long as your telephone is connected on a digital central office or on a PBX system. The default factory flash is 270 ms. It may be necessary to program a different flash time. If you are not managing to use the flash key, refer to the documentation of your PBX to check what the most adequate time is. Changing the Flash time: To change the programmed flash time on the telephone, carry out the .

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euroset 3020 user manual instrucciones manejo
Press the MENU key Select the CONFIGURATION option by using the DIAL/SELECT key Select the Y option by using the ARROW key Select the BACKLIGHT option by using the DIAL/SELECT key Select the desired option (Y or N) by using the ARROW key, to activate or deactivate the backlight Press the MENU key Setting the time To adjust the time of the telephone it is necessary to access two options of the CONFIGURATION menu: time adjustment and visualization format (24h or AM/PM). If any of these items are already .

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