Maquina De Lavar Automatica Ge 15 Kg

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máquinas de lavar vidraria de laboratório
Any of 4 different languages can be selected for the display messages. AUTOMATIC FAULT DETECTION The microprocessor controls all the machine components, showing up operating faults in real time. The machine displays a message which either allows the operator to return to normal operation immediately or provides important information for technical service personnel, such as: "WATER NOT DRAINED" "LOW WATER LEVEL” "DOOR OPEN” "NO DETERGENT" "DISINFECTION NOT PERFORMED” etc. .

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washingmachine lavatrice skalbimo mašina máquina de lavar wnf 6180
• This appliance must be connected to an earthed outlet protected by a fuse of suitable capacity. • The supply and draining hoses must always be securely fastened and remain in an undamaged state. • Fit the draining hose to a washbasin or bathtub securely before starting up your machine. There may be a risk of being scalded due to high washing temperatures! • Never open the loading door or remove the filter while there is still water in the drum. • Unplug the machine when it is not in use. • Never wash .

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