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Nifa Departmental Review, September 2011 Department
nifa departmental review, september 2011 department
Susan Fritz, a longtime University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) faculty member and administrator, serves as associate vice president-academic affairs in the Office of the Provost at the University of Nebraska. Fritz provides leadership for the university’s multi-campus academic initiatives, working with faculty, administrators, policy makers and industry partners to advance research. She also organizes the review of new graduate programs and core research facilities and serves as liaison to the Nebraska .

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Nifa National Water Program Southern Regional Water Program
nifa national water program southern regional water program
NESCI Response: The USDA/NIFA Northeast States and Caribbean Islands (NESCI) Regional Water Center created .

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Masa Hashimoto
masa hashimoto
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Nifa 2005 Vol 1 Final
nifa 2005 vol 1 final
These data were presented in the 2004 Profile. When the data were aggregated to obtain County and State data, there was a substantial deviation from actual totals due to the rounding rules described above. To correct this, HUD released an update to the special tabulations data on April 30, 2004 (Some of HUD’s documentation indicates that this date was January 2004). The rounding rules for this data set were applied to higher geographic levels, such as County, City, or State. This document presents these .

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Nifa Reporting Web Conference National Institute Food And
nifa reporting web conference national institute food and
OMB has stated they would like to see more national outcomes reported in our budget documents. Currently, we submit primarily single university outcomes as examples of evidence of past performance because that is what we get in our reporting systems (CRIS and Plan of Work). Including the national outcomes we receive through the Annual Report for the four formula grants will help OMB and Congress see the value of that funding.

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