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Kuno Brodersen Qualiware User Conference
kuno brodersen qualiware user conference
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Kūno Kultūros Specialybės Studentų Sportinės Veiklos Motyvacija
kūno kultūros specialybės studentų sportinės veiklos motyvacija
Abstract The article analyses motivation as a social, cultural and educational phenomenon, discloses its importance for the individual’s self-expression, generalises scientific researches into sport motivation, highlights motives and goals that determine sporting expression, internal and external factors which influence motivation for sporting practice and for the choice of university studies of physical education. Qualitative study was employed to find out the types of the goals of the students’ sporting.

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Kuno,* Musoz-Martinez* And Mirjana Randi(t
kuno,* musoz-martinez* and mirjana randi(t
. region of Clarke's column (cf. Hongo & Okada, 1967; Kuno & Miyahara, 1968; Kostyuk, 1969). A question may then arise.

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Kuno & Miyahara, 1969). Thus, The Monosynaptic Excitatory Post
kuno & miyahara, 1969). thus, the monosynaptic excitatory post
There was no significant difference in m value between homonymous and heteronymous synapses.A positive correlation was found between the amplitude of unit EPSPs and the input resistance of motoneurones. The difference in the amplitude of unit EPSPs appears to be responsible for the higher synaptic efficacy in slow-conducting motoneurones than in fast-conducting motoneurones.There was no significant difference in the time course of monosynaptic EPSPs evoked by impulses from homonymous and heteronymous .

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Kuno Yoshinori 1988
kuno yoshinori 1988
This paper presents a model-based object recognition method which combines a bottom-up evidence accumulation process and a top-down hypothesis verification process. The hypothesize-and-test paradigm is fundamental in model-based vision. However, research issues remain on how the bottom-up process gathers pieces of evidence and when the topdown process should take the lead. To accumulate pieces of evidence, we use a configuration space whose points represent a configuration of an object (ie. position and .

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