Matematika 1 Srednja Skola

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Afrika Matematika, 1., N1, (2011). 1
afrika matematika, 1., n1, (2011). 1
Abstract In this paper the author’s invited plenary talk at the 7-th PACOM (PanAfrican Congress of Mathematicians), is presented. Asymptotic solution to many-body wave scattering problem is given in the case of many small scatterers. The small scatterers can be particles whose physical properties are described by the boundary impedances, or they can be small inhomogeneities, whose physical properties are described by their refraction coefficients. Equations for the effective field in the limiting medium are .

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Magazine Srednja Skola Koprivnica, Croatia Srednja škola
magazine srednja skola koprivnica, croatia srednja škola
This project aims at social inclusion of children and teenagers from dysfunctional families through sports activities. Moreover, exchange of experiences and practices concerning creation of pro-social attitudes, socially acceptable behaviors as well as integration of children and teenagers from dysfunctional families at school, with their local environment and with their peers in Europe. The partners will exchange their experiences relating to students’ involvement in sports activities such as: swimming, .

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1 Autor: Laura Nistor Phd Student Marketing Chair Vysoká Škola
1 autor: laura nistor phd student marketing chair vysoká Škola
Nowadays the term of “image” became widely used. We may say that we live in a society of image, we are the witnesses of mass-image communication, we make our consumption decision based on images (advertisements) that we see each day on the TV or on billboards, we are interested in the image that an organization has on a market and in what other people think about this. It is obvious that the term of image is fashionable. But it is important also to think about its content. Deeper than it seems at the .

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Slide 1 - Všcht - Vysoká Škola Chemicko-Technologická V Praze
slide 1 - všcht - vysoká Škola chemicko-technologická v praze
Language: english
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Slide 1 - Škola Narodnog Zdravlja
slide 1 - Škola narodnog zdravlja "andrija Štampar" - naslovnica
Language: english
PDF pages: 28, PDF size: 0.78 MB
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