Materi Geografi Kelas X Semester 1 Bab 2

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First Year – Foundation Year (semesters 1 And 2)
first year – foundation year (semesters 1 and 2)
. studies. Semesters 1 and 2 form the common-core syllabus for all the study programmes on offer in the institution: these two semesters are. this examination determine the continuation of studies into the third semester: students must either retake the year, or they can continue.

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Primary Objectives Grade: Kindergarten Semester: 1 And 2 School
primary objectives grade: kindergarten semester: 1 and 2 school
Language: english
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School Of Pharmacy Texts: Semester 1 And 2, 2005 Set Text: A Text
school of pharmacy texts: semester 1 and 2, 2005 set text: a text
Language: english
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Subject Name Mathematics Code Epm1.1 Semester 1 Hours 2 2 Points 6
subject name mathematics code epm1.1 semester 1 hours 2 2 points 6
Lectures: Basic concepts of computer science: brief history of computing and computers, von Neumann architecture, CPU and peripheral (I/O) devices, hardware and software, introduction to theory of algorithms, flow diagrams of assorted algorithms, numerical representation of different types of variables in computers, basic file types (esp. graphic), basic types of software, computer viruses prevention, basic techniques of net searches. Statistics (descriptive statistics, error analysis, normal distribution.

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