Metode Fuzzy Untuk Sistem Pendukung Keputusan

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Sistem Pendukung Manajemen
sistem pendukung manajemen
Language: english
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Desain Uml Untuk Sistem Elevalator Eko Didik Widianto Undip
desain uml untuk sistem elevalator eko didik widianto undip
sing an iterated waterfall process asumption Top-down refinement Front-to-back flow Real projects vary But the same representations are useful regardless of the sequencing Traceability is checking to ensure that steps of the process fit together Forward Traceability: Next step in process has everything in current step, “Nothing got left out” Backward Traceability: Previous step in process provoked everything in current step, “Nothing spurious included” Using traceability matrices to trace: System req., .

Language: english
PDF pages: 58, PDF size: 2.31 MB
Perancangan Prototipe Sistem Pendukung Bergerak Untuk Pemeliharaan
perancangan prototipe sistem pendukung bergerak untuk pemeliharaan
Batik industry is one of industry that belongs to handicraft sector of creative industry group. In batik industry, creativity development toward its product created pros and cons in batik artisan and the society. At one side, advanced in technology is pushing this industry to use new technology in batik’s production. That technology can make the production process more productive and more efficient to win the competition among local, national or global producer of batik. In the other side, there are .

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Optimasi Kondisi Pencahayaan Melalui Metode Alterasi Untuk
optimasi kondisi pencahayaan melalui metode alterasi untuk
There are many researches to solve the effects of global warming caused by great amount of CO2 in the air. One of the effective alternatives to reduce this gas in atmosphere is by using micro alga Spirulina platensis due to its ability of CO2 fixation and the very useful biomass that it produced. Spirulina platensis contains high protein and can cure diseases such as cancer and cholesterol reduction. In considering of these benefits, this research focused on increasing the biomass production of Spirulina .

Language: english
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Algorithma Branch And Bound Adalah Suatu Metode Pendekatan Untuk
algorithma branch and bound adalah suatu metode pendekatan untuk
Language: english
PDF pages: 12, PDF size: 0.15 MB
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