Modul Asam Dan Basa

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Keseimbangan Asam Basa Dan Elektrolit
keseimbangan asam basa dan elektrolit
A 66-year-old woman is admitted to CCU following an AMI (V1V5 ST elevation, Q waves in V2 –V4). Four hours later, she develops respiratory distress and demonstrates crackles half way up each lung field. The doctor made a presumptive diagnosis of cardiogenic pulmonary oedema. Room air arterial blood gas values were:  pH 7.10  PCO2 25 mm Hg  PO2 40 mm Hg  HCO3 8 mmol/L  O2Sat 79 %  BE -20 mmol/L vital signs were BP 60/? mm Hg, Pulse 140/min, thready, RR 40/min What is your interpretation of the ABG ?

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Modul Pensinyalan Dan Routing Pada Gsm Telkom
modul pensinyalan dan routing pada gsm telkom
earching MS in Location Area MS requests for signaling channel Signaling channel allocation [SDCCH x, TA] Request MOC (SMS, Emergency Call,.) [TMSI/IMSI] Request Authentication [RAND] Authentication Response [SRES] Start Ciphering Acknowledgement; 1st ciphered message Setup Message [Bearer Service, Calling No.] Requested Service possible in MS TCH-Allocation [frequency, TS] Acknowledgement (on TCH resource) “Ringing signal started in MS” “Mobile subscriber accept call” Acknowledgement Start of user data .

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Modul Strategi Dan Keunggulan Bersaing Pada Perusahaan
modul strategi dan keunggulan bersaing pada perusahaan
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Modul Implemetasi Dan Eksekusi Strategi
modul implemetasi dan eksekusi strategi
Language: english
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Modules Formation Ligne Dans Domaine Adam
modules formation ligne dans domaine adam
., viz, paper, cardboard, plastics ,metals, glass, and electronic waste. The module also contains on-line presentations regarding collecting and sorting waste.

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