Mother Tongue As A Medium Of Instruction

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Using Mother Tongue As Agg Medium Of Instruction In Thailand: How
using mother tongue as agg medium of instruction in thailand: how
Kanyaphak Art-han is a homeroom teacher of this experimental KG1who has observed the children’s behavior in the classroom while the TA is children s teaching using the Yunnanese dialect. She has recorded the students’ reaction and response during one semester as follows:The students are not afraid to assert and express themselves because they have confidence in their language. The TA can use community based knowledge that children already understand to input new knowledge.The students understand and can .

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Seameo Project On Mother Tongue As Bridge Language Of Instruction
seameo project on mother tongue as bridge language of instruction
• • “When we changed to MLE, it appears that children go to school early.” They are not absent as often as other kids.” “Children are happy in class. When they are happy I am happy too. But it is exhausting for me!” KG1 + 2 Teachers

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Mother Tongue Bridge Language Instruction: Policies Seameo
mother tongue bridge language instruction: policies seameo
The distinction of language and dialect (also called non-standard variety of a language) is treated in this publication from the linguistic point of view, which emphasizes intelligibility. Thus, only when people speaking different speech varieties understand each other sufficiently and can communicate without difficulty can they be said to speak dialects of the same language. If intelligibility between speakers of different speech varieties is insufficient, they speak different languages. Several of the .

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Mother Tongue Instruction Global Partnership For Education
mother tongue instruction global partnership for education
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Mother Tongue Medium Efficient Way Challenging
mother tongue medium efficient way challenging
.) research on the impact of mother tongue. The article considers efforts being made in Africa in terms of mother-tongue projects, such as the. is a need for a pragmatic approach to the medium of instruction whereby mother tongue and foreign languages will be on an equal basis. bilingual model, Africa, educational development, late-exit transition model, multilingualism, mother-tongue

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