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The objective is to save time for building designers during their basic investigations. The information includes the principles of the design process, basic information on siting, servicing and constructing buildings, as well as illustrations and descriptions of a wide range of building types. Designers need to be well informed about the requirements for all the constituent parts of new projects in order to ensure that their designs satisfy the requirements of the briefs and that the buildings conform to .

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. the collection, processing, and dissemination of ever-larger volumes of data has become a driving force behind innovation in the early twenty-first century. The trend towards massive data manipulation is broad-based, and case studies can be examined. the modern software engineering, and software architecture challenges associated with data-intensive systems.

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. of the Web environment, is providing new application access and data distribution channels to an organization's internal and external information. is also providing the ability for applications to link disparate data to support business application requirements. Columnar, textual, and multimedia. one single application. Companies have jumped into data warehousing assembling multiply sourced pieces of data in order to establish information-based competitive. with the mean 3 year return on investment (ROI) of data warehousing projects being 401 percent! (Steve Graham, The Foundations of.

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architects' data
Educational and Research Facilities Schools Further education colleges Colleges and universities Drawing studios Laboratories Child daycare centres Playgrounds Libraries Museums and art galleries Museums: examples Office Buildings Principles Principles of typology Calculations: construction Calculations: building technology Calculations: division of space Calculations: floor area requirements Calculations: space for furniture Calculations: archive space Calculations: workstations with computers Office .

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