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Router Interface Summary
router interface summary
. switches and the appropriate Ethernet interface on a router. The computer(s) and router should be preconfigured with the correct IP network settings. Start this lab with the computer(s), router and hub or switch all turned off and unplugged. The. 10/100 NIC installed One Ethernet switch or hub One router with an RJ-45 Ethernet or Fast Ethernet interface, or., DB-15 to RJ-45 transceiver, for a 2500 Series router with an AUI Ethernet interface

Language: english
PDF pages: 1210, PDF size: 9.44 MB
Router Command Reference Guide Business Support Center
router command reference guide business support center
This guide also provides troubleshooting and support information for your router. This guide is intended for the system or network administrator who is responsible for installing, configuring, using, and managing the routers. It assumes a working knowledge of wide area network (WAN) operations and familiarity with communication protocols that are used to interconnect WANs. Always download the Release Notes for your product from the 3Com World Wide Web site for the latest updates to product documentation:

Language: english
PDF pages: 1150, PDF size: 3.87 MB
Router Hardware Network Operations Guide Juniper Networks
router hardware network operations guide juniper networks
. (EOS) Notification Policy and Procedures for the M5 and M10 routers and products at End.-life announcements. For PSN details for the M5 and M10 router, see PSN-2004-07-019.

Language: english
PDF pages: 812, PDF size: 22.91 MB
Router Command Line Interface Reference Manual Download
router command line interface reference manual download
For a complete description of the interface commands used in this and other chapters that describe interface configuration, refer to the "Interface Configuration Command" chapter. To search documentation of other commands that appear in this chapter, please see the related contents of user manual. This chapter contains general information that applies to all interface types; it includes these sections:

Language: english
PDF pages: 549, PDF size: 2.4 MB
Router Manual-New
router manual-new
Language: english
PDF pages: 520, PDF size: 4 MB
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