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efficient synthesis cryptophycin-52 and novel para-alkoxymethyl
They display antitumour activity that is largely maintained for multidrug-resistant tumour cells. Cryptophycins are composed of four building blocks (units A–D) that correspond to the respective amino and hydroxy acids. A new synthetic route to unit A allows the selective generation of all four stereogenic centres in a short, efficient and reliable synthesis and contributes to an easier and faster synthesis of cryptophycins. The first two stereogenic centres are introduced by a catalytic asymmetric .

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novel synthesis of para-hydroxy-phenylglycine
Many years after their introduction, β-lactam antibiotics are still the most widely prescribed antibiotics used in medicine, which is quite surprising, considering the restricted lifetime of most medicines. This position is envisioned to last for at least another decade. The long life span of these therapeutics enables scientists to develop new types of β-lactam antibiotics and to improve current production processes.

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