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One-Class Svms For Document Classification
one-class svms for document classification
.. (1999) recently extended the SVM methodology to handle training o using only positive information (what they call “one-class” classification), we decided to apply their method to documentation classification and compare it with other one-class methods, including. data, and the decisions involved in modifying basically two-class methods to one class ones. Our studies are fairly broad although not completely comprehensive. better than all other methods except the neural network based one with which it is comparable. Moreover, it is somewhat simpler.

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One-Class Svms Challenges In Audio Detection And Classification
one-class svms challenges in audio detection and classification
. the dimensionality. One needs methods that can use little data and avoid the curse of dimensionality. Support vector machines (SVMs) have been. changing kernel functions, and to their global optimal solution. For SVMs, few parameters need to be tuned, the optimization problem to. outliers [2]. This paper focuses on the new challenges of SVMs on sound detection and classification tasks in an audio. to understand whether a particular sound belongs to a certain class.

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Optimising One-Class Svm For Geographic Object-Based Novelty
optimising one-class svm for geographic object-based novelty
. with interdependent free parameters and attribute sets, such as the SVM and its variants (Huang & Wang 2006; Lin et al. generally favourable results of using an SVM optimised with a genetic algorithm (GA) and an SVM optimised with particle swarm optimisation (PSO.

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Using One-Class Svms And Wavelets For Audio Surveillance Systems
using one-class svms and wavelets for audio surveillance systems
. the broader task of automatic sound recognition when many sound classes are considered. Early works in this vein proposed systems devoted.fic tasks such as sound alerting aid [19], considering some classes of stationary signals (bells, phone, door rings, etc.) and using.

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Comparison Of One-Class Svm And Two-Class Svm For Fold Recognition
comparison of one-class svm and two-class svm for fold recognition
While fold recognition works well for proteins with high degrees of sequence similarity to known proteins, this method fails to produce satisfactory results if the closest known proteins exhibit less than 20% similarity. In these cases the best results are currently produced using molecular dynamics approaches, which physically simulate the folding process of the unknown protein. These methods, however, are computationally very intensive and are not yet able to produce sufficiently accurate results that .

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