Os Sullivans De Bella Andre Livro 4

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The locution "know how" as it occurs in knowledge ascriptions of the form "S knows how to V" can be used in two different ways. There is a possible use in which "knowing how" seems to entail "being able" - an ability-entailing use -, and another possible use in which "knowing how" does not seem to entail "being able" - an abilityneutral use. This is a fact about knowing-how ascriptions, a linguistic fact then. The present paper offers an .

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os 27(4) van exel, de graaf, rietveld reprint
The study of transport economics exists very much in an R world, with strongly held beliefs in rational choice, survey analysis, modeling, and forecasting. The models transport economists create border on caricature in assuming that travelers are highly motivated and involved in searching for optimal travel solution for each trip and base their decisions on complete and well-defined preferences about all aspects of travel. Travelers are thought to have immutable preferences between points in time and .

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